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"Personal perspective of the world surrounding us creates what we see, feel and experience on our journey down this path.  Each event, situation, or relationship we encounter offers multiple views and a new set of choices.  Art is my mind’s interpretation of my intuitive visions, experiences, fascinations and emotions.  It has helped guide me through the maze of my life and given me fresh insight to new perspectives while allowing me to be true to myself.  I create art with the feelings I have in the moment and my environment fuels the creative flow.  Through the collectively creative, healing energy of music, movement and the interconnective patterns nature and life offers, I find inspiration to create art that is as colorful and happy as life can be if we perceive it that way."



            Adrianna Auriemma is best known for her shiny, mostly abstract paintings that invoke emotions of fun and love of life through bold use of color, flowing lines and suggestions of realism.  Her artwork weaves themes of music, nature and love through abstract landscapes in a way that often reveals multiple perspectives.  Viewers often say that they see new things every time they look.  She works with Acrylic, UV, and glow paints mixed with various textures and embellishments to create art that shines brilliantly both in the light and the dark.

            Adrianna is a multi-disciplined artist yet self-taught painter.  She was born and raised outside of Philadelphia where she developed an obsessive passion for drawing and sketching as soon as she could hold a crayon.  She developed fundamental art skills all the way through her early education. She moved to Tampa at the age of 18.  She attended I.A.D.T. and achieved an A.S. degree in Interactive Media.  The artist then went on to acquire an A.S. degree in Film Production from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where she focused on art direction  

and photography. During these years she experimented with paint and found this to be her medium of choice.  In 2013 she was selected to participate in a digital exhibition titled The Story of the Creative, where her work was viewed in the gallery in NYC.  The following year her work was chosen to be projected onto buildings in Times Square as part of a group exhibition titled Creatives Rising, Times Square Takeover.  Later that year her work was digitally displayed at the Art Takes Miami exhibit hosted by and SCOPE Miami during Art Basel week.   Her paintings were on display at the Ale and the Witch in St. Petersburg, FL for 2 months at the end of 2017.  Adrianna was selected to do her first live art performance at the Brainquility Music and Arts Festival in 2018.  She was asked to paint an 8’x8’ mural on a plywood installation next to the stage alongside other muralists. This led to many more live paint performances.   She loves every aspect of the creative process and loves a creative challenge.  She has recently been creating hand- made jewelry focusing on resin and wire-wrapped crystal pendants.  When she is not creating custom Art, she can be found instructing/performing painting parties at Painting with a Twist in Clearwater, FL where she helps novice painters unleash their own creativity.

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